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Why Gara

The inspiration wich gave rise to the name of the Hotel, is the Guanche History of Love between Gara and Jonay. The structure of Hotel, it has a heart shape.

The heart crossed by lovers and that was lost in the mist of history.

Love is Water and Fire
Gara Princess of Agulo, the Place of Water ...
Jonay, pure Fire, coming from the Isle of Hell ...

Every year, on the magical island of La Gomera, during the Beñasmen day, at the the harvesting of crops and adoration of the gods, young people of marriageable age approached the Fountain of Jets of Epina to watch, what the Future, has laid out, in matters of love.

It is said that through these waters, the capacity of decipher, the love destiny of everyone whom looks them selves, at its reflection.

In one of these years, a group of young girls from La Gomera, went to the fountain of the seven jets to collect water from each one, in a small pond, looking to be reflected themselves.

Among them was Gara, Princess of Agulo, who was anxiously awaiting the moment to discover what destiny had plan for her. Laughing in innocence way , she approached the pond and reflected his beautiful face on the magical element.

At the beginning its was returned an image quiet and perfect, but then, for her surprise, emerged shadows and the silhouette began to shake, appearing soon, in the middle, an a scorching sun wich erased every movement.

Gerián, the wise man of the place, being in charge of interpreting the Magic symbols, said to the sweet Gara a warning: "What will happen will happen."Flee from the re, Gara, or the Fire will consume you."

Gara kept silent, trying to hide her fears and not giving importance, but the strange omen, ran from mouth in the mouth, reaching everyone who want to knew it.

At that time arrived to La Gomera from Tenerife, Los Menceyes (Kings of the Guanches) among them, was known, Jonay, son of Mencey from Adeje.

From the rst crossing of eyes, Gara wacht a handsome young man and he did not take long time to be corres- pond.

Shortly after, his commitment was made public and while The Teide known as Echeyde (Hell), majestic Tenerife volcano, began to spit lava and re, with such force that even from La Gomera, the show it was scary.

At that moment they remembered the omen given to the innocent Gara and it began to take the form: "Gara, princess of Agulo, the place of water; Jonay, pure re, coming from the island of hell"

That love was impossible, great evils threatened the islands, if the young lovers did not separate tehmselves and so the families of both were in charge of separating them.

The Volcano regained its composure, and after the festivi- ties, they returned to Tenerife. Altough Jonay went back with the soul empty and a broken heart.

He desperate, threw himself into the sea in the middle of the night, swimimng to the beach of his beloved.

Both fled towardsthe mountain, but they were persecuted. The lovers went up to the highest peak of La Gomera, and watching themselves surrounded, they used a stick shar- pened by both ends and, supporting them in their breasts, they embraced and died crossed.



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